My faith has always been my foundation, or so I thought.  When I became a mom at 19 and 20, then a wife and step-mom at 26 and 2 more kids to join the crowd; I felt like I had blinked and the past 7 years flew by and I had lost all control of my life.

Anyone else ever feel that way?  Because of that very feeling, I started a journey to seeking my inner truth, defeating my past, and designing my future.  It has been 17 years of believing all the wrong things about raising a family, being an entrepreneur and staying true to my faith.

Tired of hearing people tell you to not share so much of your faith when it comes to your business?  Tired of hearing people say you have to be willing to sacrifice your family for your business or vice versa?  Tired of feeling guilty because no matter what you do it never seems to be enough?

I was right where you are, saying yes to all of these questions, not all that long ago.  I learned through trial and error in business, marriage, parenting, finances, faith, and work, that it’s all a lie!  I have the truth for you.

You have exactly what it takes to design the life that is best for you and your family.  You just need the stepping stones, tools, and support that works for you, your business, your family, and your life in general.  That I can help you with.  Make sure to reach out with any questions or thoughts you would like to ask and share.


My myers-briggs results so you can see if we are a good fit.

If you have never heard of Myers-Briggs here is what these things mean. Your Myers-Briggs® Profile is designed to help you understand your results on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment. This assessment identifies which of 16 different personality types best describes you.
Your answers to the questions on the MBTI assessment show which preference in each of four pairs of opposites you favor. Your preferences are choices between equally valuable and useful qualities. Each preference is indicated by a letter.

It’s interesting it says intuition is so low.  I felt that I listen to my intuition a lot.  What I realized is that I listen to my faith over everything.  I guess in science they don’t call that intuition.  I do.  I feel like my intuition should be higher.  I do agree with quite a bit of this test.

If you have a personality test you think I should try, email me the link along with why you took it, what you thought about it, and what your results were. I’ll make sure to share mine with you too.

  • Insightful, creative, and visionary, with a deep faith in personal insights
  • Sensitive, compassionate, and deeply committed to personal values
  • Loyal to people and institutions that exemplify their personal values
  • Base decisions on their personal values
  • Seek meaning and purpose in work and relationships
  • Value harmony and cooperation; interested in possibilities for people
  • Seen as private, intense, highly individualistic








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