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About me

My faith has always been my foundation, or so I thought.  When I became a mom at 19 and 20, then a wife and step-mom at 26 and 2 more kids to join the crowd; I felt like I had blinked and the past 7 years flew by and I had lost all control of my life.

Anyone else ever feel that way?  Because of that very feeling, I started a journey to seeking my inner truth, defeating my past, and designing my future.  It has been 17 years of believing all the wrong things about raising a family, being an entrepreneur and staying true to my faith.

Tired of hearing people tell you to not share so much of your faith when it comes to your business?  Tired of hearing people say you have to be willing to sacrifice your family for your business or vice versa?  Tired of feeling guilty because no matter what you do it never seems to be enough?

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The Journey Unlike Any Other


Something solid to build your entire world on


Your Inner Greatness, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Obstacles


Learn the tools you need to conquer any obstacle, past, present, and future.


Design the life you were called to live.

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