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About me

If you are anything like me you adore your family (feel like you don’t get enough fun time, it’s more “Mom, can I?, will you?”), desire some alone time regularly (which doesn’t usually happen), enjoy serving (so you volutneer), desire a successful career (so you started a business), have a heart for God (feel like you never have enough time to really put into your faith walk), and at the end of the day you are EXHAUSTED from the balancing act you are attempting to perfect every second of every day including while you’re asleep.

I get it.  Hey I’m Dena Adams.  I help mom and wife faithpreneurs grow and conquer life and business together through my signature workshops.  Wouldn’t it be great to find a harmonic flow to your daily life, put down the plates and be done attempting to balance everything?

I knew you’d say yes.  That is exactly what I help you do all while showing you how to have grace with yourself and get rid of shame and guilt for good.

Trust me! I will boost your communication skills.
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Why Faith, Life and Business Coaching?

Inner Growth

Your inner growth impacts everything in all areas of your life.


Strengthening your inner foundation so it can withstand continued growth.


It's time to break the invisible chains that keep getting you stuck.


All the things you already know and a ton of things you never knew you needed to strengthen your business growth.

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